Building careers, and communities.

Since its humble beginnings, Bojangles’ has been committed to giving back. It’s a powerful part of our corporate mission, and one of the most important activities our employees participate in on a yearly basis. After all, those who own, manage, work within and patronize our restaurants are all members of the communities in which we operate. Our struggles and successes are intertwined, and if there’s something we can do to help each other our…rest assured we will.


In times of crisis, the Bojangles’ Mobile Kitchen has rolled out, packed with delicious food and caring employees, to help those who’ve been hard hit by storms, fires and other catastrophes. It’s a chance for us to give back, and we appreciate the opportunity.


By sponsoring and catering races all across our geographic footprint, Bojangles’ managers and employees have proudly supported Race for the Cure and its mission to find a cure for cancer. This disease touches many of us, and we’re eager to see an end to its impacts.


Local schools, colleges and universities are another place where Bojangles’ employees offer support, distributing Bo gear and food to encourage involvement in sports ranging from high school soccer to major college football.